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Medical Delivery Services in the Phoenix Area

Our well-trained Mercury delivery Services team serves Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe area hospitals, clinical laboratories, doctors offices, and local patients. We offer expedited delivery service in Phoenix for the transportation of medical specimens, blood products, pharmaceuticals, surgical instruments, temperature-controlled cargo, and medical equipment, and our drivers are OSHA and HIPPA compliant and have a general HAZMAT awareness.

You can rest assured that when you call Mercury Delivery Services your medical delivery needs will be completed in a professional and timely manner. As a leading delivery service in Phoenix, we have an extensive knowledge of all the hospitals and medical facilities throughout the Phoenix area, and we update our database constantly to ensure you the fastest service possible. We are capable of dealing with any aspect of medical delivery, from emergency transplants to daily patient medication delivery. Our professional delivery team keeps flawless tracking records of every location and destination of your medical packages to ensure full knowledge of the chain of custody, from hospital to hospital for medical specimens and from wholesale to retail to patient for pharmaceuticals. We ensure timely, completed deliveries with proof of delivery signatures and callbacks when the delivery is completed.

When it comes to medical deliveries, our focus on caution and urgency is unsurpassed. Regardless of the nature and content of the medical delivery, we take our job seriously and get it done right. We know that medical emergencies do not follow a schedule, and so we are available for Phoenix medical delivery 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, whether the medical delivery needs are Rush, Demand, or Scheduled Routes. Your medical deliveries are safe in our hands.

Next Flight Out Service (NFO)

We can ship your package same day service statewide, nationwide and coast to coast we get it delivered to your desired destination quickly and safely. With our next flight out service (NFO), our regular account holders can experience the quickest and best service available in the industry, All deliveries are treated with our direct door-to-door service and tracking. You will always be alerted as to pickup time and delivery time of your important package.





- When it's got to be there fast and on time Mercury Delivery Services Same Day Phoenix Courier, Messenger and Delivery Service offers delivery times that are designed to give our clients cost saving options. Most of our competitors use a system that forces you to choose the more expensive delivery. Read on, and see why our clients love the way our service is set up! Regular Courier, Messenger and Delivery Service: Our 3-4 hour courier service that starts at 9 AM and can be used up until 3 PM. After 3 PM, rush charges apply. Rush Courier, Messenger and Delivery Service : Our 2 hour courier service that starts from the moment your package is ready for delivery. Non Stop Courier, Messenger and Delivery Service: When rush service isn't fast enough, our courier will pick it up and go straight there for you - with absolutely no stops along the way!

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- Routed & Scheduled Dedicated Delivery Services - Daily, weekly, monthly stops based on your needs Mercury Delivery Services Routed & Scheduled Dedicated Delivery Services in Phoenix area offers Efficient, far-reaching and inexpensive, option for regular, scheduled shipments between branch offices, vendors and customers, clients and professional services, banks, Credit union, customer deposits, inter-office communications, processing centers, medical offices and their laboratories.

- Are You Interested In Replacing Your Delivery Fleet or Truck? Are you maximizing your trucks? Are your trucks driving empty a considerable amount of the time? Are you tired of all of the hassles and time it takes to manage and pay for your truck(s)?

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