Driver Outsourcing

Vehicles and Driver Outsourcing

Q. What is “Driver Outsourcing” ?

A. Driver outsourcing is the practice of arranging to have your vehicles driven by professional
drivers from a third party. These drivers are not employed with your firm, thereby reducing your
liability exposure.

Q. We’re not in the trucking business. Why should we consider outsourcing professional
A. Most companies outsource services that are not considered part of their core business. The
distribution of goods falls within this category. Your goods need to get to market on a consistent
and reliable basis. Distribution outsourcing companies are professionals in recruiting the most
qualified individuals available in the marketplace. The experienced professionals at Mercury
are experts at securing the services of drivers, dispatchers, warehouse personnel, and logistical
supervisors. Why not leave this to the pros while you continue to concentrate on making your
core business more profitable?

Q. How big do I have to be to make outsourcing worthwhile?
A. Outsourcing personnel is a cost effective way of allowing you time to concentrate on what
makes you money. In other words, you can better operate your profit center by freeing yourself
up from dealing with a cost center. If you operate 1 pick-up truck, or even a passenger vehicle
used to transport executives, you can benefit from using Mercury. The last thing you need is to
have your supply chain disrupted due to sickness, no shows, etc. Alternatives to outsourcing
(using other internal personnel) are always very expensive.

Q. Our firm hires its own drivers. Why should we change?
A. Well, let’s see…
• To save money
• To save time.
• To become more efficient at your core competencies
• To secure a better, more professional class of personnel.
• To alleviate the headaches associated with recruiting, screening, payroll,
paperwork and behavioral issues.
• This list can go on and on!
Mercury personnel are specialists in recruiting professional drivers. We know all the methods
undesirables use to pass per-employment screening tests. We select only the most qualified
personnel. Plus, we supply replacement personnel for both scheduled vacation periods and
unforeseen absences.

Q. How can personnel outsourcing save me money?
A. There are many ways of improving the cost effectiveness of operating a business. One of
the least understood, is the value of having outside experts provide services that neither you
nor your personnel are experienced in. Then consider the extra time you would enjoy by not
having to deal with the recruitment, screening and payroll processes. And then consider the
cost of “lost opportunities” resulting from your time being taken up with tasks not contributing to
bottom-line profits. Your time may be better spent managing those areas where you specialize
your PROFIT CENTERS What Using Mercury Means To You:
By using Mercury, you no longer worry about…
Payroll Taxes Insurance / Benefits
Computing Pay
Computing Deductions
Computing FICA
Writing Checks
Paying FICA
Paying Federal W/H
Paying State W/H
Paying Unemployment
Submitting Forms
Hiring / Firing Risk Management
Reference Checks
Termination Processes
Workers’ Compensation Claims
Unemployment Claims
Using Mercury allows you to…
• Save your valuable TIME to maximize your productivity.
• Save your valuable RESOURCES to reduce your costs.
• Save yourself from “LOST OPPORTUNITIES”
• Free yourself to concentrate on you CORE BUSINESS