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Same Day Courier Service, Next Day Delivery, Scheduled delivery, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Arizona Statewide

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Delivery, Courier and Messenger service in Phoenix Metropolitan Area and Arizona Statewide

Mercury Delivery Services has been providing delivery, courier & messenger service in the Phoenix metropolitan area and Arizona Statewide for over 24 years. In this time, Mercury Delivery Services has established an excellent reputation in our industry as not only being on-time, but also with an outstanding
safety record. We move your delivery fast, on time and with professional drivers. We’ll call when it’s done
and let you know, “It’s already there!”

Mercury Delivery services provides a vast array of delivery, logistics, warehousing and material management services to a diverse range of clients across Phoenix and Arizona. Time-sensitive delivery is the company’s specialty and it has moved products from 15-ton CNC machine to single microprocessors. Delivery services are provided to retail and wholesale businesses for both same-day and next-day service across Phoenix and Arizona.

Customer service and communication. Company watchwords at Mercury Delivery services. Our systems are developed and our personnel trained to ensure your delivery requirements are handled exactly as you expect every time, every day. Consistent, reliable communication is integral in meeting those expectations. When calling Mercury Delivery services you will reach professional, trained representatives who will be able to answer virtually any question. We believe our customer service personnel are among the best in the business simply because they understand that meeting a customer’s need is why we exist.

The operations and customer service functions at Mercury Delivery services are supported by a seasoned, professional management team. Mercury Delivery Services is a complete delivery, warehousing and distribution company. Our success rests on two key components: people and technology. We recognize that our professionalism directly reflects the image of your company. We understand our role as ambassadors of service to your customers and business associates.

Mercury Delivery Services continuously invests in leading-edge technology in order to provide the highest level of service for all your delivery and logistical needs. Our drivers and staff all
have access to state-of- the-art solutions that ultimately help deliver added performance and total logistics support, making our services a smart business solution for your company. We continually monitor your shipments, from the moment you place the order straight through delivery. From pick-up to drop-off, technology plays a vital role in our success. Mercury Delivery Services is fully bonded and insured, and delivers personalized services. Your business matters to us, and we continually strive to earn your trust with care, communication and great customer service.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide delivery, courier and messenger service that is consistently clean, reliable, and professional. Our company will leave a lasting impression on you by elevating the surroundings of our customers with messengers that look the way the rest of our employees look. We want to change the way you think of a courier deliver company. Whether it’s same day delivery service, next day delivery service, scheduled local courier delivery service, medical delivery, financial document delivery, cross docking, warehouse fulfillment or last mile services, whatever your needs Mercury Delivery services can help.

Core Values

Meeting the expedited transportation needs of business and industry with consistent, reliable, affordable options throughout Arizona.

Customers! Service! All the time. Every-time.

Our Vision & Mission

Meeting the expedited transportation needs of business and industry with consistent, reliable, affordable options throughout Arizona.

Customers! Service! All the time. Every-time.

Industry Sectors

  • Engineering & Manufacturing

  • Automotive

  • Life Science & Health Care

  • Chemicals

  • Consumer

  • Energy

  • Technology