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Welcome to Mercury Delivery Services

Your same day Phoenix courier service, delivery service and messenger service. We offer delivery times that are designed to give our clients cost savings options. Most of our competitors use a system that forces you to choose the more expensive delivery, we are different. Mercury Delivery Services provides on-time delivery, messenger, and courier services in Phoenix AZ.

As a leading courier service in Phoenix AZ, we are passionate about helping businesses in all their delivery service and courier service needs, call us and see what we can do for you.
"Same Day Courier Service, Next Day Delivery, Scheduled delivery, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Arizona Statewide."
(602) 956-3912

Same Day Delivery

Courier service man in Phoenix

Dedicated driver for your shipment with no stops along the way. In order to become one of the best delivery and courier services in Phoenix, Mesa and Gilbert, we strive for one hour or less deliveries in Phoenix Metropolitan area. Our courier becomes your exclusive courier for that job.

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Daily Routed Service

Fast friendly delivery service

Efficient and inexpensive, the routed service from Mercury Delivery services provide an excellent Phoenix courier service option for regular, scheduled shipments between branch offices, vendors and customers in Phoenix metropolitan, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler and Arizona Statewide

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Medical Delivery

Same day delivery service in Phoenix

We guarantee your STAT, routine specimens, pharmaceutical or durable medical goods and supplies will be delivered on time in proper testing and white glove condition and documented. When it comes to medical deliveries, our focus on caution and urgency is unsurpassed.

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Couriers Outsourcing

Routed Scheduled Dedicated Delivery Services

By using Mercury Delivery Services you can Lower operating costs – You eliminate delivery vehicle maintenance and insurance, fuel, courier driver wages, and Workers' Comp claims. Ready to save money on courier services in AZ? Contact the team at Mercury Delivery Services today!

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Google Reviews

Great company and staff. Extremely helpful and willing to put in an extra amount of effort to accommodate convenience. Used the services to deliver a financial payment quickly with verified signature confirmation or receipt emailed right after the moment of delivery. Would definitely use them again and recommend to others.
Jonathan Jerome
Jonathan Jerome
18:57 03 Aug 18
I would like to say how accommodating and helpful Mercury Delivery has been with me! I had a unique situation where they were my eyes on the ground for a delivery and ensuring it got into the right hands. This company was great throughout the whole process. They were so efficient and effective in their work, all while having amazing customer service. John with Mercury was fantastic! I absolutely recommend this courier service and personally will be using again!
Ashlyn Roberts
Ashlyn Roberts
15:57 25 May 18
A huge round of applause to John and the folks at Mercury Delivery Services. My shipping department was in the midst of a delivery bind and I blindly called them after a quick google search. I thought this was kind of a long shot as I am based in Chicago and I had no idea who I would find in Phoenix.John picked up the call and right away gave me the impression that he knew exactly what to do. He was quick, clear, and smart about how he could help solve our problem. Even as a FedEx issue made things more complicated, Mercury stepped up further and sent their driver to multiple locations. I had expected that they would end up pricing up from their original quote but Mercury stuck with the original price!It was probably one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had. Solid crew = solid services.
Imelda de la Cruz
Imelda de la Cruz
20:35 16 May 18
Mercury Delivery to the rescue! We had left an item in our Uber while we were visiting Phoenix. The item was turned into the Uber hub, but unfortunately they don’t ship. We don’t live in Arizona. I gave Mercury a call and explained the situation. The item was picked up and shipped the day I called. There prices are great and the service is top notch! Thanks again!! We truly appreciate your help :)
Amy Heavin
Amy Heavin
02:00 24 Mar 18
These guys saved the day! Fedex messed up and didn't deliver my package to the convention center in time and Mercury picked up my package from the Fedex warehouse and got it to the hotel just in time. Professional, fast and extremely reliable service provider. I highly recommend!
Melissa Kozak
Melissa Kozak
00:50 21 Apr 18
- When it's got to be there fast and on time Mercury Delivery Services Same Day Phoenix Courier, Messenger and Delivery Service offers delivery times that are designed to give our clients cost saving options. Most of our competitors use a system that forces you to choose the more expensive delivery. Read on, and see why our clients love the way our service is set up! Regular Courier, Messenger and Delivery Service: Our 3-4 hour courier service that starts at 9 AM and can be used up until 3 PM. After 3 PM, rush charges apply. Rush Courier, Messenger and Delivery Service : Our 2 hour courier service that starts from the moment your package is ready for delivery. Non Stop Courier, Messenger and Delivery Service: When rush service isn't fast enough, our courier will pick it up and go straight there for you - with absolutely no stops along the way!

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- Routed & Scheduled Dedicated Delivery Services - Daily, weekly, monthly stops based on your needs Mercury Delivery Services Routed & Scheduled Dedicated Delivery Services in Phoenix area offers Efficient, far-reaching and inexpensive, option for regular, scheduled shipments between branch offices, vendors and customers, clients and professional services, banks, Credit union, customer deposits, inter-office communications, processing centers, medical offices and their laboratories.

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- Your Same Day Delivery service, Next Day Delivery service, Scheduled delivery service in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe and Arizona Statewide

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